Sunday, October 16, 2011

Multiple User Support

New Features:
  • Added multiple user support. Now you can control a bunch of Foursquare accounts simply from one app. Hit your menu button from the main screen to change or add accounts.***
  • Added option to hide the ongoing notification.
 Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed the broken default visibility setting.
  • Fixed the broken reminders issue.
  • Generally improved loading times and stability. All caching is now done via local database instead of in memory.  This is better for almost every user.
 Other changes:
  • Temporarily removed the venue prediction on main screen.

***The foursquare mobile login page doesn't play nicely with multiple accounts.  I'm working with them to get this simplified.  You may have to hit the log out button and exit the app to get this to work.  If you have trouble drop me an email and I'll help you with it.

Download it now:


  1. Obviously, since the switch from android market to google play, here's the new link to download it :

  2. when I set the pref's as I'd like them to be, they don't save. They just reset back to what they were before I changed them.

    What about putting a "save" button to make sure that the settings stay?

    Waste of time to have to always set my favorites manually because the preferred settings don't work. :-S

    It's not the first time that I expose this problem. It would be nice to have it fixed.

    Thanks in advance,


  3. Thank you for this great app.

    Some suggestions:
    - separate the lists in pages, since they take a lot of time to load, sometimes the program hangs while loading.
    - another option to input numerical values, those sliders are really hard to adjust.
    - do something about CPU usage, Watchdog complains that it takes over 40% cpu time when it runs.


  4. Is there any way to back up what you have set as favorites and what not? Looking at getting a new phone and I have a bunch of favorites set.

  5. Nice application. I'm waiting for new updates for more features. Thank you.

  6. App not working anymore. No login access... checkinassistant was very interessing.