Sunday, October 16, 2011

Multiple User Support

New Features:
  • Added multiple user support. Now you can control a bunch of Foursquare accounts simply from one app. Hit your menu button from the main screen to change or add accounts.***
  • Added option to hide the ongoing notification.
 Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed the broken default visibility setting.
  • Fixed the broken reminders issue.
  • Generally improved loading times and stability. All caching is now done via local database instead of in memory.  This is better for almost every user.
 Other changes:
  • Temporarily removed the venue prediction on main screen.

***The foursquare mobile login page doesn't play nicely with multiple accounts.  I'm working with them to get this simplified.  You may have to hit the log out button and exit the app to get this to work.  If you have trouble drop me an email and I'll help you with it.

Download it now: