Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Foursquare V2 API

Tonight I completed a first functional use of a JSON to Java deserialization of the User object returned by the Foursquare V2 API. 

In laymen terms I can now automatically translate from the original data format to an Android friendly format really fast!  I first did this with the Mayorships widget found on http://williamvanderhoef.com and feel really good about it. 

It might seem like nothing, maybe not even worth the post here, but I am still very committed to bringing a ton of new features in the coming weeks.  The roadmap starts with OAuth 2.0 logins, includes a full location engine rewrite and a few surprise goodies from another very useful service. This will definitely end up being called Checkin Assistant 2.0.

There's a big snow storm bearing down on NYC overnight and I'm hoping to get snowed in to keep working on this.