Monday, March 28, 2011

Beta 4! Already?

Yes, I am continuing my work at breakneck pace.  Beta 4 is available at the same spot:

Major Changes:
  Added logic to keep track of the last automated checkin and notification.
  Fixed the check-in time (that's been bugging me).

Minor Changes:
  Huge memory reduction in background tasks.
  Made the checkin history a little cleaner (text spacing)
  Removed the logo from the global settings page.

Next Scheduled Changes:
  Updating the global settings page.

Then testing for other devices!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Beta 3 of version 2.0 is now live.

The first fully functional build has been released to

Please uninstall any previous Beta Versions prior to installing Beta 3.

Major Changes:
  Added Automated Check-In functionality
  Allow for nearby notification or check-in for any favorite place
  Improved UI on the Venue Settings page (Thanks Josh! - @joshuanross)

Minor Changes:
  Added menu to main screen
  Fixed some bugs in the activity flow
  Smaller application size (200k less)

Next Scheduled Changes:
  Updates to the Global Settings screen including default settings
  Ability to check in by clicking on a location

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Version 2.0 Beta 2

Another update has been published to

Major Changes:
  Improved background service

Minor Changes:
  Improved Venue Settings

This update fixed the background service issues.  The application will now show a notification for the most recent location you've been close enough to check-in to.  We did improve the look of the Venue Settings page so you'll see real facebook/twitter icons instead of checkboxes.  Big thanks to my friend Josh Ross who has started contributing to the project with his Venue Settings update.

Next Scheduled Change:
  Adding Automatic Checkins

The application does not do automatic checkins, but I want to test that myself before ruining your foursquare experience. 

Checkin Assistant 2.0 Beta 1

Whew.... that only took 6 months. 

Beta 1 is stable but will not actually perform any check-ins.  This version will put an alert in your status bar to tell you that you are very near a place that is in your favorites.

Obviously, this is because I plan on giving the user the ability to either check-in or remind them that they should check-in. 

Here it is:

If you see any issues that the application is running in the background when it shouldn't or that GPS isn't working on your phone please let me know.  Include the version of Android, which phone you have and any other details you can figure out for me.  Send it to


PS: Beta 2 will include the reminder and check-in abilities, but first things first.