Monday, August 22, 2011

Version 2.0.3 is now live in the Android Market

This might be primarily a bug fix release with a few changes users have been asking for.  I'm really hoping (fingers crossed) this handles the background crashing issue some users have been dealing with.  Please let me know in the comments if you have issues with this version.

Bug fixes:
  • App closing silently when running in the background
  • App not starting with the phone
  • App crashing on first load.
New feature:
  • Ongoing notification to tell you the app is still alive and how often it's updating.
  • Is being more stable a feature?
Upcoming (halfway done stuff):
  • Changing the distance to feet / yards instead of metric
  • Better account management 
  • Better sharing for "Celebrity" accounts


  1. Can I turn OFF the new ongoing notification? I have a lot of ongoing notifications, and I trust that check-in assistant is running. Maybe just pop up a notification when the status changes... But, I'd rather have an option to turn off the ongoing notification. Thanks!

  2. '0' points are being awarded in 4sq for favorite places that I am mayor. A manual check-in using 4sq gives me the points.